Rumors have it that the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors are male-dominated. But, as per a new report released by CoinMarketCap on April 30, 2020, it says something unprecedented. As per the analysts, women’s participation in the crypto industry has been increased by 43.24% in the first quarter of 2020. Delve into the factors that have contributed in the recorded growth and why the numbers vary from place to place.

Women investing more in Bitcoin

As per a study published in December by Bitcoin (BTC) fund operator Grayscale showed that over 43% of the investors in Bitcoin are women, there are 13% increases compared to last year and the number is increasing. 

Since global financial conditions have become stringent, people have started investing in real state, gold, and cryptocurrencies. There’s an assumption that women are more pessimistic than males when it comes to the global economy and their confidence might get an increase in 2020 in the cryptocurrency environment. Most women find  a safe and secure haven in digital assets. 

For many, cryptocurrency has become an investment. Also, Blockchain entrepreneur Nisa Amoils mentioned that investment opportunities of the market are the main reason behind the increasing interest of women in digital money, telling Cointelegraph that women can get income via trading, investing, and virtual spending of Bitcoin. Also, the token economy can democratize access to capital, such as security token offerings. 

Most trading platforms have witnessed an increase in cryptocurrency, for instance, in March, Coinbase, digital currency exchange Coinbase mentioned the surge of deposits made by U.S. residents, worth of $1,200, the same size as the coronavirus checks issued by the United States government. 

Also, Bitcoin value has been increased in the past two months, coupled with the recent event which has caused a stir around cryptocurrencies. As per Grayscale, over 49.8% of women anticipated that the limited emission of Bitcoin would lead to price growth in the future. To know more about Blockchain, you can always call on Blockchain helpdesk number which is functional always. 

Crypto trading isn’t a “boy’s club” anymore

An increase in the Bitcoin price and investment attractiveness of digital money have contributed to spike in the number of women in cryptocurrency exchanges. For instance, Bithumb reported to Cointelegraph that the company witnessed a 30% growth in its female users in 2020. Vice president Vincent Poon mentioned that women these days use digital money to hedge their funds, though not all trade proactively.

Cointelegraph also found that female users rate has been increased between 22% and 160% on the majority of crypto exchanges since the beginning of 2020. Also, digital assets exchanges CEX.io and EXMO witnessed the same increase in the female users’ spike as Bithumb Global. To know more, contact the team via calling on Blockchain support number which is always functional. 

The CEO of CEX.io U.S., Alexander Kravets talked about the statistics with Cointelegraph: talking about the overall user base, CEX.IO has seen 27% growth in the female user segment from Q1 to Q2. Maria Stankevich, head of development at EXMO, talked about the biggest growth that occurred in the number of women got added to Cointelegraph.