The world’s leading platform, Gemini was established by the Winklevoss twins in the year 2015. The name itself refers to the constellation and zodiac signs that depict a pair of twins. It is considered as a bitcoin and ether exchange platform for trading.  The twins’ brother came into the limelight back in 2004 when they sued CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook.  They put allegations on the Facebook CEO that it was their idea and Mark stole it. In April 2013, the twins’ brothers invested $11 million into Bitcoin and at that time each coin was priced for $120.

And, after the gap of 5- years, their total investment value is over $1 billion.  Back in 2016, it was considered as a First Licensed Ether exchange and is a popular name in the digital space. It is a New York-based exchange. As per the data, it stands on 39Th position as the largest exchange in the world and has 51 people in their company.  Gemini is a big competition to other exchanges like Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken.  It is a big competition to other exchanges because it offers crypto to fiat payments along with BTC/ETH market.  If you get into an error while using Gemini, feel free to reach us on Gemini helpline number which is functional all the time. The team is always functional and helps you out in every situation.

This exchange is considered as the best and secure exchanges as it offers supplementary features such as protection against hackers. The protection level is so high that it is used as one of the exchanges for the CBOE Bitcoin futures settlement. This exchange is available in countries like all US states, as well as Canada, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, and the UK.

Now, check out the advantages of this exchange and why is it beneficial to trade on this platform:

  1. a) An only small amount of the Bitcoin is online on Gemini platform. Otherwise, the rest is kept offline to prevent hacking issues. It offers professional and high-end service to users.
  2. b) This exchange is completely registered and complaint with banking standards. This platform is suitable for institutional clients and or individuals, as well.
  3. c) It is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and has a simple interface that is best for beginners and advanced users.
  4. d) It charges low fees and methods like Cryptocurrency, bank, and wire deposits also charge free. The first 30 withdrawals in a month are free for every user.
  5. e) You can easily do Gemini bitcoin and Gemini Ethereum purchases and all credit goes to its user-friendly basic buying features. The exchange has also featured advanced marketplace. If you get into troubles like sign up issues, login issues or password issues, feel free to call on Gemini customer care number which is functional all the time for help. The team is always available and assists you in every possible way so that users can take benefit of every service serve by the exchange.