Binance provides the smooth and hassle-free platform for the depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies. The best part about Binance over other exchanges sites is that users can be considered Ethereum (ETH) as the base currency along with the Bitcoin (BTC). For any help related to trading and transactions, call on the Binance Phone Number.

To resolve the transaction error, check out the following points that will surely help you out in understanding the accurate procedure along with the precautions:

Whenever you withdrawal on an exchange and it marked as “completed” or “success”  that implies that the transactions have successfully processed to the receiv

ing exchange. Or, in simple language, the transaction without any complications has posted to the Blockchain.

Before the verification of transformation, different Blockchain takes the different amount of confirmations. When the transaction is received by the Blockchain, plenty of time will be consumed before the confirmation and then later, it is posted to the destination exchange.

In case, if the transactions show “unconfirmed”, this error is not in your limit. You just have to wait for the transaction to get processed on the Blockchain.

If the transaction is approved by Blockchain but still not credited to your Binance account then, you have to reopen your original ticket and need to attach a screenshot of Blockchain explorer with the confirmed transaction and a screenshot that missed the account balance transaction.

You should be aware of the fact that, the transactions reach Binance on 2 confirmations for the Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based projects.

Or, you can call on the Binance support number and get the entire procedure in simple and sorted language. In simple words, when you face difficulty or unable to carry out the transactions, you can always get in touch with the adroit professionals who are there to assist you at every step. With the aim of helping out every client, the team is always active and work throughout the day and night to seek solutions that are not only accessible but also helpful.

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