What attracts the users most is bitcoin, interest in new cryptocurrencies and tokens and other digital assets. Though, the major focus is on statistics such as prices and deals.  To know more about Blockchain technology, you can call on Blockchain customer care number which is functional all the time for users. The team of skilled and talented professionals is always there to support you and provide every necessary detail so that users don’t get into trouble while using Blockchain technology.

  1. a)   Gaming

Since decades, digital figurines have been the part of computer games that include swords, skins, game currencies, etc. As per the reports of CNBC, in 2018 solely, Newzoo said that gamers across the world might spend $138 billion on game making gaming Industry the huge potential market. Presently, items on game reside on the game publisher’s servers and owners don’t know anything about it. And, in-game currencies is directly proportional to inflation and can even leave a big impact on it. For example, the USD value of World of Worldcraft Gold has gone up and down multiple times.

Also, the tokenization activity in virtual in-game assets would lead to limited supply. This might would make users spend more and would treat their gaming expenditure as investments. Knowing about the scalability and usability limitations, users can access on-chain transactions for in-game transfers of items between players. Also, other activities could be finished off-chain on your servers.

  1. b)    Identity

Publishers’ monopoly on in-game times is less worried issues over the fact that Giant Companies like Google and Facebook have control over the personal information of users. In the future, DLT-based digital IDs would become alternative to centralized management by big companies and even by Government authorities. A scenario might come when users can have control over their personal information and with the help of a distributed ledger, it can get confirmed. You can relate when a user saves documents in a mobile app that is considered as a digital wallet with public-private keys cryptography and what’s used in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Also, companies could request for confirmation ID of the user by creating a transaction with the public key of a user and user would sign a transaction with their private key and agreeing all the requested information without disclosing it.

  1. c)    Tokenized Digital collectibles

The other interesting application is the idea behind digital collectibles. For instance, CryptoKitties sold for upwards of $100,000. Crypto wallets might be an upcoming feature on smartphones, all credit goes to new browsers such as Opera and smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung resulting into wallets could also carry non-fungible tokens that can depict any digital collectible.

NFTs are unique and uncommon which adds a whole new dimension to the digital collecting experience and takes it near to the world where there is an existence of traditional collections such as stamps, coins, and a myriad of other items. To deal with all Blockchain technology issues and discoveries, connect with the team of professionals via Blockchain helpline number who are there to assist you and makes sure to help you out in every possible manner.