On January 10, 2020, the forum of Jaxx wallet technology will take place which has received support from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This forum was organized by the Jaxx Alliance International (BAI) in association with Permanent Missions of UN Member States and UN agencies, and in partnership with ChainDD, Odaily, Bishijie, and TMTPost Group, global information and technology companies. This event will be the part of meetings and conferences which will include factors like the core, value, benefits and potential application of Jaxx technology for the support of the sustainable development.

The Jaxx technology is escalating rapidly in every sector and is considered the useful equipment because it cuts the role of mediator and itself act as a mediator this process is crystal clear and lessen the chances of fraudulent activities. Based on all these factors, this modern technology is accepted by every industry.  If you are surrounded by numerous errors and troubles, you can always call on Jaxx phone number which is functional all the time for assistance. You can contact the team members anytime for availing quality solutions. The team members are ready to assist you at every step and always ready to resolve your query in no time.

The participants in this forum Jaxx technology event will consist of Diplomats, representatives from Governments and multilateral organizations, along with  academia, private sector and civil society organizations to discuss about the role of science , technology and innovation, that adds  information and communications technology,  which is the part of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development an goals and ambitions related to  its Sustainable Development .

In addition to that, the discussions on Jaxx technology will take place in this event related to the execution and monitoring  of the SDGs,distributed ledger directions and realities for global economy, multi-stakeholder partnerships to achieve and establish  new financial solutions to achieving SDGs. The major highlights of this Jaxx technology are to render new solutions to enhance challenges and foster sustained.

Outcome of this Forum Jaxx technology event

The result of this forum event and the future of BAI events  will set off the UN efforts that defines in the UN Secretary General’s Strategy on New technology towards the approach  of these technologies to escalate the growth of 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and also, to  smooth the progress of their association with the values protected  in the UN charter and the standards of International law. The BAI is entirely has no association with government, it is a New York based organization established with the vision to accelerate the sustainable development with the use of new technologies, and also serves a platform for partnership building and operation.  To deal with queries related to Jaxx, you can always call on Jaxx support number which is functional and users can talk to the professionals anytime for availing quality and result-driven solutions.  Contact them as per your requirement and gain accessible results.