D.Phone is the largets smartphone retailers in China and its daughter company Dixntong Technology group has recently welcome itself in the blockchain space by attaining a minority stake in a US blockchain company called Monsoon Blockchain. The agreement was signed on January 7, 2020 and the stake was anticipated to be sold at inine-digit valuation as per the people who are acquainted with the matter.  This partnership emerged in the time when China is completely enmcouraging enterprise blockchain adoption along with the development of emreging technologies.

The leading smartphone reatiler started its venture in 1993 and went public in Hong Kong in 2014 with four anchor investors that include Lenovo Groyp, Qihoo 360, China Telecom and TCL Corporation. Also, the major rival of Alibaba’s group, JD.com has acquired 9 percent of Dixintong worth $30 million in July. The firm’s total market captialization is around $200million. As per the 2018 annual report, the company sold nearly nine million cell phones in its over 1,500 physical stores across the country with revenue over$2 billion and approx. $46 million net profit for the year.

It is also in news that the parent company is putting efforts to expand its businesses to other related industries. Also, its partnership with China’s Tianjin city government in December to create an industrial park that couses on 5G and IoT with a total investment estimated over $3 billion. Call on Blockchain support number which is active all day and night to serve the best solution in the market.

Blockchain-based marketplace

Monsoon Blockchain pushes an ethereum-based protocol that focuses to use smart contracts to serve an effective marketplace for cloud service providers and potential clients as per the basile. He further mentioned that the prices for cloud computing and storage devices could differentiate between data centres, location-based and capacity. Basile said that how blockchain is can play a prominent role. The firm has also agreegated prices and collect information related to the condition of data centres across the globe. Later on, it submits the data to the blockchain network. Also, on the other side, companies who are open to buy computing and storage services can lodge their specific requirements. Call on Blockchain support number for verified results that could be helpful in fixing troubles.

Also, the peer-to-peer blockchain-based protocol is going to have smart contracts to match companies with the suitable cloud services provider to them, as per Basile. Now, users are able to buy the network’s native token along with the fiat currency to use the smart contracts on the blockchain. Though the token is encircled in the network, the firm is also planning to launch a private token sale or serve a public offering in the future when regulators provide a clear guidance on the processes, said Basile. Monsoon Blockchain has worked with a series of IT giants that include IBM, Oracle and Alibaba as a data services distributor- said by Basile who in the past monitored Fusion-io and Violin Memory, both of which are data processing software and hardware providers.