Though there has been no official announcement by South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung Electronics, the news is that it has appointed a new Vice president in its AI PM Group/Blockchain Dev Group. Woong Ah-Yoon who is a former chief architect of Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences at IBM has updated his LinkedIn profile with a new role. 

If reports are to be believed, he has been holding the position from January month 2020. As per the local media Fn News, Woong is going to expand and reorganize the Blockchain Task Force division of Samsung, which is at present function as a temporary organization in the wireless division of the tech titan.

Previous experience in IBM’s healthcare blockchain-based solutions

Ah-Yoon is going to be in-charge of blockchain development and business under a brand-new blockchain-based vision of Samsung. Woong’s appointment might be due because of his past experience with IBM’s healthcare division. Fn news also believed that the new vice president could boost one of the three primary services of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone- Samsung Health. 

 A lot of rumors have been making round that Woong could be the lead of boosting Samsung’s blockchain-based health management service. Limbo has been rewarding users once they have completed a walking or running mission every single day. Though when the local media talked to Samsung for official statements regarding the new blockchain leadership, provided the following comment: They can’t assure information associated with the internal organization and human resources.

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 Latest blockchain’s moves by the tech titan

Samsung Electronics has been reflecting signs of encouraging their blockchain development and branch out its products by escalating the crypto-friendly environment within their services. Also, lately, Cointelegraph published on March 26, 2020, that the tech giant had crafted a new standalone turnkey security chip that assures cryptocurrency transactions on smartphones and tablets. In February, Samsung mentioned about its latest smartphones series, the Galaxy S20, that is going to be improved on the integrated blockchain security features introduced in 2019. 

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