It is assumed by the founders and promoters of Indian Blockchain startups that in coming years India is going to be lag behind in the Blockchain innovations race by US and Chinese firms. The main reason behind it could be regulatory curbs that focus on only one part of the blockchain technology – the distributed ledger systems.call on Blockchain helpline number which is always functional and the team is ready to assist in every possible manner. talk to the team to avail the best solutions that could help in fixing all troubles in nick of time.

Innovation will take time in India

The Indian regulatory ecosystem is not visualising the idea and even not paying attention on decentralized systems like smart contracts, so it is anticipated that innovation is not going to take place at the same pace like other countries who are performing and welcoming experiments in the technology – said by Nitin Sharma who is a founder of Incrypt Blockchain. This will surely going to affect the Indian blockchain developer or entrepreneur who is going to face the lack of exposure to the cutting-edge work in decentralization , distributed systems and cryptography, he further added.

Though there are a few gems in the Indian blockchain system where founders will be able to create products economically and deliver the global digital assets market, further added by Sharma.  The blockchain technology market is going to shift the private permissioned and hybrid categories, said by analysts.

Founders will not show interest in full, rather limited for solutions by Indian startups, asking it an increase in talent and exposure gap between economies where the use-cases are not bound to permissioned blockchain systems.call on Blockchain support number for help and talk to the team related to queries in no time. You can connect with the team for providing results that are easy to execute.

Biggest Blockchain trend in 2020 is CBDC

As per the experts, the upcoming and biggest blockchain trend in 2020 is going to be central-bank digital currencies (CBDC). Though countries like the United States and China are not crypto-friendly nations, they will surpass India in terms of innovations in technology.

Indians laws don’t accept basic elements like smart contracts where digitally signatures are controlled under centre said by TanviRatna, CEO of Policy 4.0 which is a global policy and regulatory advisory firm. She added that india is lagging behind than many other countries and it is a late step in CBDC.

US and China are not crypto-friendly nations

Though both the US and China are not the friendliest nations when it comes to crypto, the US has not banned crypto and build formidable regulatory capacity in it and on the other hand, the Chinese government is showing full support and efforts to make their own CBDC to take off, Tanvi said.

India had banned cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill which encouraged exploration of distributed ledger tech during delegitimising cryptocurrency trade in private digital currencies.