Recent times, a Redditor spotted fraudy website for Bitcoin (BTC) hardware wallet Trezor.

Rumors have it that this imposter website is trying to steal your bitcoin.

The news was published in beginning of this month that Reddit user Castrofrotheva talked about the website stating that they organized a test to confirm that it was not genuine. They mentioned that for the purpose of  a little typo test , he entered ‘tezor(dot)io’ where he left out the ‘r’. Once it was done, directly a new site called https://trezor (dot) run/start/ which is actually not a real trezorsite , the correct site is http://trezor.io respectively https://trezor.io/start/).”

In fact, the Reddit user also talked about a URL typo which redirected user to the Trezor scam site while possibly installing compromised firmware.  Jameson Loop, a Bitcoin engineer and self-proclaimed BTC maximalist took Twitter to warn suers about the fake website .Lopp, which is also CTO at bitcoin key security system firm Casa – mentioned that security notice to users of Trezor wallet that they should not be visiting ‘http://trezor.io’ into your browser, in case, if you have missed out the URL, you might be redirected to a fraudy site that is going to steal your BTC, therefore, you’re advised to bookmark it as bookmarks are your friend.

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Fraud app replicates hardware wallet Trezor

On May 23, Cointelegraph talked about scammers that they have been adding fake cryptocurrency wallets to the Google pay store. This fraud app is going to duplicate the Trezor hardware wallet. To be proper legal in Google play, the software itself consist of no trezor branding at all with a login screen phishing for credentials.

Also, In November 2018, Trezor wallet warned its users about scam which started to create duplicate version of its hardware wallets. Without wasting any time. the company officials accepted this that Trezor clones have been reproduced over the years, but a fake trezor device which is manufactured by a different , unknown vendor, which was a starting discovery.

All about Trezor wallet

It is a device used for operating bitcoins that work independently of the Internet. It has its own private keys which are owned by owner that could help in operating transactions offline. In comparison with traditional methods of cold storage, trezor has advantage that it does not reveal secret data while making payments at absolute security. To start, you have to register on the official website of Trezor that is free from hackers that serves the gadget that stays with its owner. This device functions as a small computer and provide all the transactions in it, making it possible to see the amount and other details at a time. For more information about Trezor wallet, call on Trezor phone number which is functional all the time for assistance.