Popular Digital Currency Exchange With Attractive Features For Optimized Trading ExperienceCryptocurrency has transformed the transaction happening around the world as it offers the most secure transaction platform without the necessity to rely on the banks. It has also opened the door for the investors to make good money from the cryptocurrency trading. But, you may face a dilemma due to the too many choices. With over 1500 cryptocurrencies and over two hundred (still counting) crypto exchanges in the market, it becomes a difficult task to find the right one for the trading. Therefore, finding a solid platform for cryptocurrency trading is essential to get the maximum benefits. One of the popular exchange that has attracted people with its unique features is Binance. Getting more information about the exchange will help gain an insight about the pros and cons that can make guide you in the right direction.


As a trader, you need to know the positive features of the exchange to make the right decision to ensure it causes you no issues. The positive features of the binance exchange are:

  • It has a huge repository of alt coins that is not found elsewhere. It offers you a choice of more than 100 different cryptocurrencies to trade. So, you can opt from the well-known coins to the smaller coins that are new to the market
  • . The other attractive feature is the low fees available for the traders. The crypto-to-crypto exchange only charges 0.1% of every trade. It has no deposit fee like the other exchanges but charges a small amount for the withdrawal.
  • .Regular traders are eligible for the cool prizes offered by the exchange. It can range from the Maserati car to the acquiring other cryptocurrencies like Waves, Ontology, etc.
  •  It is the launch pad for many cryptocurrencies as many companies trust the exchange. Binance follows strict guidelines to list a cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is the secure and popular ICO launch pad.
  • The security of the exchange is another feature that makes it attractive among the customers. You need to setup the two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security.


The exchange has several positive features, but it does not mean that it has no drawbacks. The glaring negative issues of the exchange are:

  •  The customer service is not up to the expectation level of the investors. The email or live chat never offers answers to the queries as it has long delays. Therefore, overcoming the glitches on the exchange in a timely manner is difficult.
  • It is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, so it accepts no fiat deposits or withdrawals.The Asian exchange is well-known to combine the technology and finance to provide you with a secure platform for digital assets trading.it is the ideal exchange for serious traders who like to enjoy several positive features of trading.

If you face any issue while using it, customer support services can prove helpful. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query.