In the recent cold-war with crypto, the big giant YouTube has made a fresh deal with the world’s leading popular YouTuber. PewDiePie is one of the top-subscribed independent video makers on YouTube, which has left blockchain video platform Dlive to stream on YouTube.

On May 4, the giant YouTube officially announced its deal with PewDiePie, he mentioned that the agreement was a natural fit. Previous year, PewDiePie signed a partnership with Dlive which is a blockchain-based content sharing platform. Felix Kjelberg, the original creator of the PewDiePie YouTube account said that he chose Dlive because he was being treated as a real partner, it is also noted that Dlive has no reward cuts. 

Since this partnership, PewDiePie’s Dlive channel has managed to gain 820,000 followers which is comparatively low and not even equal to 1% of his YouTube channel exposure.  In this month, his channel hit its 10-year anniversary with YouTube engine, having 25 billion views in total and 104 million subscribers. 

PewDiePie mentioned that decision was driven through the live streaming focus in 2020:

He said that YouTube has been like a home for 10 years and live streaming on this platform comes naturally as it helps him in continuing search for new ways to create content and interact with fans worldwide.  He also added that live streaming is what he always focuses on and beyond, so in order to be partner with YouTube and to introduce new product features is special and intriguing for the future. 

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Cointelegraph contacted Dlive and PewDiePie for further queries and will be updating soon. Cointelegraph will soon update the reply of Dlive and PewDiePie. 

Now, PewDiepie has planned to leave Dlive platform and switch to Tron:

Dlive was originally built on the Lino Blockdown and is agreed to migrate to the Tron blockchain in late 2019. Also, on December 30, major peer-to-peer file-sharing giant BitTorrent made an announcement that Dlive is soon going to join its ecosystem. During this time. BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun who is the founder of Tron mentioned that with disabling YouTube’s crypto-content ban, decentralized content platforms are considered to be the future.  Also, On May 5, Cointelegraph also mentioned about a new decentralized social media project that focuses to enable IOTA (MIOTA) node owners to run own social media sites or apps. 

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