We all know that Cryptocurrency is aware of the phishing attacks and face such issues often. Most importantly, holders of exchange and online wallet have become the victim of these phishing attacks. Now, as per the latest reports, it has come into the picture that hackers have converted their attention to the Ledger hardware wallet.  Customers of Ledger wallet are getting fake emails claiming that their service is faulty and what is required to visit an official website of Ledger wallet to check if their device is vulnerable.

All about the new ledger scam

When it comes the hardware wallets, Ledger is also the part of this discussion. Their devices are accessible, affordable and support numerous currencies , tokens, and assets. This popularity is now in against of the company, at least phishing attacks are concerned. It seems fake emails are making rounds these days and has targeted users of this hardware wallet.

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In the email, users get notification on the process of their wallet including either the Nano S or Nano X consists of a vulnerability that needs to be looked after. The website is aware about the secure RNG chip vulnerability that can be easily resolved through a software-based check of the device. For new users, without the support of technical knowledge, it appears as a plausible explanation. In this real world, it is a barefaced scam that is designed to make users lose their Cryptocurrency balances.

Fake software tool

On the website, download link is linked to tool that is supposedly created to evaluate if Ledger nano is connected to its vulnerability. Popular as the Ledger SE checker tool, it is obvious that the software is going to create issues instead of solving it. It seems that criminals with the help of this toolkit availing remote access to a connected Ledger wallet.

It is also concluded that it  is not very difficult to find out this fake email. Majority of people don’t even own a Ledger wallet , citing that old email is being used to do this attack. Also, the sender’s address is written as “noreply@supportledger.com”, which has no connection with the company in any manner. To ignore this email is the only step to prevent attacks.

Reason behind it

When campaigns like these are introduced,  it is quite difficult to check who is the reason behind these emails. If users get the working criteria of a hardware wallet than that it is difficult to fall for these hacks. For availing more information about Ledger wallet helpline number which is functional all the time for guidance. You can contact the team anytime for availing impeccable results.