Ledger which is known as the leading hardware crypto asset wallet producer is ready to combine cryptocurrency atomic swaps to its platform through the means of using the SWFT cross-blockchain transfer utilizing the SWFT cross-blockchain protocol into its companion app Ledger Live.

To carry forward the process of an atomic swaps that uses contracts to allow the instant exchange of one Cryptocurrency for another without any support for mediators such as exchanges. It means that through the Ledger Live app, users are able to move cryptocurrencies during the time when you are safely stored. As reported by Cointelegraph, the company said in a press release that the new service would be called as Ledger Live but the date has not been specified yet for its launch. Ramble Lan, who is  a SWFT Blockchain founder and Chief Officer Ramble officer said that as the cryptocurrency market changes from speculation to real-world user, the need to interchange between currencies will grow. At SWAFT blockchain, the company believes that swaps and payments are the next big thing and the company is confident about tools that are going to help companies like Ledger adapt to this new demand. For availing more information about ledger wallet, you can always contact the team who is there to support you and provides all the necessary details that can be helpful in fixing all queries. You can contact the team who is there to support you.


As per the publication ledger revealtion, SWFT will be seen using its multi-authorization governance infrastructure service, Ledger vault. It means that as per the Global head of Ledger Vault, Demetrios Skaltotos, which “assets managed by SWFT Blockchain are going to secure both at rest and in transit. Further more, he added that users will be able to instantly access their funds in a secure manner. He also told this as a clear message to the community that SWFT Blockchain is not going to compromise when it comes to security.  If you face any error while operating wallet, you can always take help from the team who is ready to help you. For more solutions and remedies, you can call on Ledger support Phone number which is functional all the time for support and assistance.

Advantages of Ledger wallet

  1. There is no exposure of private keys to the computer.
  2. The hardware is immune to system viruses and it requires you to confirm a device before transaction prior to spending coins.
  3. You will see most hardwares are encrypted with pins that added additional security to layer security.
  4. With hardware wallets, you can host multiple cryptocurrencies and the hardware company’s software is an open source that allows users to corroborate the entire operation of the device.

To know more pros about Ledger wallet, you can always connect with the team of seasoned experts who is there to support you. Call on Ledger wallet Support number which is functional all the time for users so that they can contact with the team anytime.