Ledger wallet, one of the leading hardware wallets revealed the new Ledger Nano X during the CES conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Considering it as a new wallet for its new signature product, the team told in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine that the Nano X stays crystal clear to the basic design of its flagship, the Nano S along with a few added complexity and versatility.

Also, the Nano X was released in tandem in the new Ledger Live Mobile application compatible with devices such as android and iOS. You can connect the hardware wallet through Bluetooth, with this application, users are able to check their wallet status and balance, and able to send transactions and install or uninstall wallet support for numerous coins without the need of unlocking their hardware wallet.

Interview of the CEO of Ledger, Eric Larcheve

The CEO of Ledger, Eric Larcheve told Bitcoin Magazine that there have been piles of requests from Ledger users to have a native application. The Nano S users can check their wallet status in ‘read-only mode’, Ledger customers had to trust on browser extensions such as Chrome or MetaMask services or services related to MyEthere wallet to look after funds. You can call on Ledger support phone number which is always functional.

There are  a few other improvements over the Nano S that include a larger screen, shifting of the major buttons from the top side to the front of the device for accessible navigation and the capacity to hold a charge. As per Larcheveque, these new designs also look after one of the leading complaints from Ledger customers resulting in a lack of memory. Talking about the Nano S and depending on the application, one can have from five to fifteen wallets but in case, if you are having many cryptos, you have to install and reinstall to manage these coins.

Role of Bluetooth feature in any security vulnerabilities

Now, if we talk about Nano Z, you can have more money and you can store up to 100 applications at one time. He also added that, besides improvement to memory and UX, the mobility factor of the Nano X’s Ledger app is going to give the hardware wallet as its most distinguishing feature. When the CEO of Ledger asked  that whether the Bluetooth feature is going to any security vulnerabilities, Larcheveque reinforced that the Nano X’s security design is as robust as its predecessor. To know more about Ledger’s wallet, contact our experts on Ledger support number and avail quality solutions.

The Bluetooth connection is being used to send public data including public key. The transaction itself is encrypted end-to-end during the highest level of encryption and security on the Bluetooth protocol and no private keys are applicable on the Bluetooth connection and it as the same as the USB cable. If we talk about security, architecture is the same. Ledger has an aim to create on Nano’s success that has more than 1.5 million units since its beginning and they have already started on a good note.

To launch at CES, the Nano X is going to be awarded as the CES Innovation Award in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy for 2019.