Ledger, the leading hardware wallet supplier has made a warning to its users related to the latest phishing attack with a motto to steal users crypto and this attack is from none other than everyone’s favourite browser Google chrome extension. In the latest tweet posted on March 5, the French crypto company mentioned that there is a fake extension on Google chrome that captures users crypto with the support of the 24-word recovery phase which they asked to access their wallet.

Ledger Live gets removed from the Chrome Web Store

The news of phishing attack was recognised by Catalin Cimpanu who is a cybersecurity reporter at the Business technology news website ZDnet on March 4, 2020. As per Cimpanu, the counterfeit extension was initially discovered by Harry Denley who is a director of security at Blockchain interface platform MyCrypto.

As per the reports, this fake chrome extension is also called Ledger Live and it tries to impersonate the real mobile and desktop application called Ledger Live that allows users to get approve of transactions by syncing their hardware wallets with a trusted and recognized service. During the press time, this Fake extension has been removed from the Chrome web store and if reports are  believed, the phishing extension was downloaded for 120 times before it was shut down.  Call on Ledger support phone number which is always active and the best source through which users can avail quality results from the skilled professionals in no time.

Fake extension was advertised by Google Ads

As per ZDNet reports, this fake extension was putting energy to mislead users and impersonating the fake extension as the original version of the Ledger Live app that would allow them to check balances and approve transactions through chrome.  Users had the opportunity to install the extension and connect their Ledger wallet to it by entering the seed phrase of wallet to get access to their wallets.

Denley undiscovered the Phishing attack

MyCRypto exec Denley was the first who unveiled this phishing attack and said that there is no sense to install such extension along with a hardware wallet which is designed to protect funds via storing cryptocurrency offline. He also mentioned that he is not surprised if people got tricked by this fake extension , added that it is actually a big problem in crypto environment to teach people their private keys should be kept offline. This fake extension has misled users by taking them into the confidence that it was advertised by Google advertising platform.

In the announcement, Ledger mentioned that the platform would never ask users for their recovery phrase. Though this is not the first time Ledger users faced a fake Chrome extension. As per the Cointelegraph news. another fake Chrome extension stole nearly $16,000 in privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash (zec). To deal with such issues, you can always have conversation with the team via calling on Ledger customer care number which is always functional and the team is ready to handle all your worries at one time.