The load of work of Content creators  on the popular streaming apps in Japan will soon going to have new methods to organize their work precisely and for this credit goes to Dentsu and Kadosawa. The largest advertising company in Japan is now making it hassle-free to identify content creators on popular apps as a market force, even they are using copyrighted material in their work. 

As per the article from the Nikkei newspaper on April 20, Dentsu in partnership with Kadosawa Ascii research laboratories and others to start Proof of Concept (POC) for rewards to established and independent content creators with the blockchain technology. The target for the POC are those who are commenting on ten popular Japanese comics – manga with Livestream apps. 

Blockchain Industry is booming on the global platform, previously it was mainly used in Financial sector, but with time, its use has been expanded in major sectors such as education and video games. Now, its use to promote content creators through blockchain is impeccable. To know more about the exchange, you can always have conversation with the team members who are there to guide you. You can always call on Blockchain helpline number which is always functional and the team is ready to guide you. 

Copyright issues among content creators

Previously, the content creators of YouTube and other popular streaming apps had issues with videos being demonetized or removed after the user implying less of original artists work.  If we talk about manga commentary videos, a few violate existing copyright laws in Japan. 

Both Dentsu and Kadokawa aim at making convenient for people using live stream along with possibly copyrighted material using via blockchain.  In addition to that, keeping a target on secondary creators who comment on manga using Livestream apps, and in fact, tertiary creators who may change it in foreign language, the partnership has been designed to explain the range of allowed materials on these platforms. 

Jyunichi Suzuki, a Dentsu representative said that they are planning to fans’ work that had previously not been valued as an authentic market. Additionally, the Japanese government has also expressed its interest in managing creator content with blockchain technology. The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry started a program in monetary year 2019 to give an opportunity to companies with similar initiatives up to 50 million yen, roughly $460,000. 

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