Jaxx wallet software is one of the leading Canada’s blockchain companies which are in operation since 2014. It is developed by Decentral Inc. It can be defined as a multicurrency HD wallet and its development team is active. Having Jaxx wallet, users can store over 60 coins and tokens all at one place. In addition to it, it is also a self-hosted wallet where you have access to control your seed and PIN.

Jaxx was founded by the co-founder of Ethereum who is involved into cryptocurrencies in the early stage. He also predicted that Netscape-like change because of the cryptos and hence generated the idea of Jaxx wallet. To know more about Jaxx wallet, users can talk help from the team of skilled experts who is there to  support you. Call on Jaxx helpdesk number which is always active and users can talk to the team for availing solutions.

What are the features of Jaxx wallet?

  1. Jaxx supports over 65 currencies that include cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. This wallet is a boon for people who are interested in multiple currencies regardless of trading. The popular coins which are supported by wallet is BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), BNT – Bancor, CVC – Civic, DGD – DigixDAO, DSH (Dash), EDG – Edgeless, EOS – Dawn,ETC (Ethereum Classic), ETH – Ethereum, GNO – Gnosis , GNT – Golem, LTC (Litecoin), PLY – Polymath, QTUM – Quantum, SNM – SONM, STX – Stox, SWM – Swarm, VIB – Viberate ,ZEC (Zcash),BAT – Basic Attention Token.
  2. The UI of wallet is intuitive. One can easily predict that lots of work has been done into designing part and its UI process proves to be helpful for those who use crypto wallets for the first time and are not as technical.
  3. It is one of the first crypto-currency wallets that started integrated services like shapeshift that helps converting one coin to another in the app itself. It serves numerous solutions to an investor and gives them the freedom to take important actions in the app itself.
  4. It has three custom fee options ranging from slow to high fees for faster transactions. Though we don’t recommend you to use slow fee as it might take days for the transaction to get mined. You are recommended to fast fee option for confirmations of your transactions.
  5. Jaxx wallet initially began as a mobile wallet, but now it functions to work on several platforms along with flexibility to Jaxx users. These platforms are active on Android, iOS, OS X (desktop), Chrome (browser extension), Windows (desktop (X64)/(86), Linux (desktop (X64)/(86).

For availing more information about Jaxx wallet, you can call us on Jaxx support number which is functional all the time for guidance. You can contact the team anytime for availing required results that would help in fixing issues immediately. Wherever you are, you can talk to the experts anytime for availing quality solutions. The best advice given by them so that you can easily execute solutions and get rid of queries in no time. The team is there to advice you at every step.