Every nation is working tooth and nail to implement new technqiues on the Blockchain technology platform. The new name that has been added recently is Huobi a major exchange which is soon going to be an active member of the Blockchain Turley platform to help local players on blockchain efforts.  Huobi stepped in the Turkish market five months back and now the exchange has joined the Blockchain Turley platform as a Platinum member, this news was published on January 15 by the popular exchange in the press release.  This Blockchain Turkey Platform also called BCTR is an independent and non-profit organization with an aim to build a helathy blockchain ecosystem in Turkey. The BCTR was discovered by the Turkish Informatics Foundation and has members from all the major sectors including banking and finance, venture capitalization, technology, and crypto industries.

Houbi exchange has officially become the first International exchange to be a member of BCTR as per the press release.  General Manager of Huobi Turkeyt, Alphan Gogus said that they believe in building the value of blockchain-driven development together. He further added that the exchange supports BCTrs vision to secure Turkey’s regional leadership in a decentralized system. Call on Blockchain helpline number which is functional all the time for guidance. You can contact with the team anytime for availing results.

International steps on the way to Turkey

Last October when the exchange first announced about the establishment of a local office at the Eurasian Blockchain Summit, the efforts of Huobi Turkey began that time. In the mean time, the cryptoexchange has already brought numerous global blockchain experts to the summit and showing their desire to support Turkey’s blockchain efforts.

Turkey to be the prominent name in blockchain technology globally

Gogus told Cointelegraph that they are optimistic to coopearte with Blockchain Turkey Platform through Huboi University which is a Huobi Research and Huobi Capital stating that Huobi entirely provide supports to the growth and progress of crypto and blockchain environment. And, Turkey nation has the potential to be the leading name in blockchain technology, both on global and regional level. Being the active member of the Blockchain Turkey paltform, it drives local efforts and has an aim to exchange global experts and knwoledge along with key local players to enhance the blockchain ecosystem.  To know more, call on Blockchain support phone number which is functional always for guidance.

Role of BCTR

 BCTR has crafted a multidisciplinary ecosystem where key players from many industries will be able to escalate the adoption of blockchain in Turket- said by BKM CEO and a Founding member of the paltform Soner Canko to Cointelegraph Turkey in a latest interview.

When Canko was asked to leave a comment, he said:

 BCTR enhanced the assistance on the blockchaina doption between public institutions that include the Turkish Ministry of Commerce academics and NGOs. Having over 70 members from the numerous industries, blockchain turkey platform has vision to generate successful blockchain stories in Turkey.Moreover, it is also planning to start startups, small and medium sized companies providing numerous opportunities on the blockchain.