Trezor wallet is the ideal wallet to store your data in the present scenario. To own a digital wallet, you must have protect your funds from unauthorized third-party access. In the past, websites used to have passwords to protect the information of their users. But still, hackers were able to attack the account and steal the information. Also, majority of users use same password for all the multiple sites, if one site gets hacked than ultimately all the sites get compromised. Because of all these reasons, website started using additional user account protection along with two-factor authentication (2FA).

Here in Trezor wallet, there are two types of two-factor authentication:

  1. Time-based One Type Password (TOTP)
  2. Universal second factor (U2F)

What is Time-Based One Type Password ?

It is also called Google authenticator and is used for two-step verification depending on a time-based one-time password.  When you start the process, many websites create a one-time code and send it through email or SMS. After that, you have to enter this code on the sign-up page in a required time.  Once the process is done, you have to sign-up to access the account. If you want to log in from new device, you need one-time password, along with username and password.

Go through the disadvantages of Time-based One type Password

  1. It has its own weakness and creates trouble to users. To do cumbersome back-up codes, users have to do additional steps to have backup of your secret password. If you have lost it, you need to start the process again.
  2. To deal with insecure shortage, once you have created secret password, only you as well as service provider know about it. That suggests you have to trust them for the security purpose. In case, service provider website got hacked, your information could be vulnerable.

Universal second factor (U2F)

U2F is known for strengthening two-factor authentication through specialized USB or NFC devices that are designed with smart technology that is used to create smart cards.  To identify your identity, you have to insert the Universal Serial Bus (USB) token into any port. Press the U2F token tab and type username and pin. After completing it, you have to use the device to attain multiple online services without the requirement of client software.

What are the advantages of Trezor wallet?

  1. Only you can see your login information of your account. You are also provided with the option to choose multiple identities or to keep your identity.
  2. You don’t need to login again. Once you have entered the login information, you don’t have to type it again.
  3. Your confidential databases are not secured by the provider, therefore, it is difficult for hackers to take access of the information.
  4. Users can register with two U2F devices with the provider; hence, in case, you have lost access to any of them, the other one would be available to handle the device.

If you don’t know how to operate Trezor wallet and looking for assistance, you can talk to the experts who are there to assist you. Call on Trezor helpline number which is functional all the time for assistance and support. The team of elite professionals is always punctual and handles all the queries instantly so that users don’t get difficulty in dealing with issues.