Incepted in the year 2017 by Changpeng Zhao also called CZ in the crypto industry, Binance has now become one of the recognized and popular exchanges in the world. The exchange allows crypto-to-crypto trading in its initial stage but with time it has started accepting fiat currencies and has open its pathway to debit and visa cards. This Malta-based exchange shifted its headquarters soon from its native land because of crypto ban. 

If reports to be believed, the founder and CEO of Binance used to create trading systems that have participation in the Tokyo stock exchange, assuming that this experience has helped him to achieve what it is today. Binance exchange serves over 90 coins to its users for trading and now is coming up with 200 new fiat currencies for users  in 2020.

Binance app – android and iOS

Binance application is available for both the devices – android and iOS. People who have these devices can easily use this exchange for the trading work with plenty of coins for trading with low trading fees. The best part about exchange compared to other exchanges is that it caters numerous coins to its users for trading, making it the second-highest exchange in the world as per the daily trading volume in 2020. 

Binance app not working

The modus operandi of the Binance is quite simple. You just have to login to the device by entering email ID along with the password. It has been mentioned that majority of users come across ‘Binance app not working issue often. The reason could be technical error or non-technical error.  If you come across such issues and looking for steps, execute the below given steps:

  1. In order to login to the exchange, you have to enter email ID. If you are using wrong email ID/password, you might get stuck in such issues. You can click on ‘forgot password’ link and a link will be sent to your email ID. Now, you have to open your email ID and click on the link for the proper functioning. 
  2. Be it android or iOS, users confront such issues and unable to execute the right steps. 
  3. During such situations, you can either turn on/off the app or device. If the issue still exists, you need to check your network connection.
  4. The other reason behind this error could be Binance server down. If you are facing this issue, chances are high your Binance app won’t work.

You can look for every possibility mentioned above at the time of fixing this error. Binance app is quite easy to use, therefore, you don’t have to worry at all before executing any step.  Also, such issues are temporary, therefore, you don’t need to get panic. Look for the best answer and eliminate errors completely from the roots.

Binance users face many common issues while working on the exchange. You can easily eradicate all such errors in a jiffy by attaining the best and accessible solutions.