Gemini is called as the next generation digital exchange which was discovered in 2014 by the twins’ brothers called the Winklevoss Brothers.  It is a New York based exchange which is fully licensed allowing its customers to buy, sell, and store digital assets. The main motive of the exchange is to become world class exchange by providing security. This exchange initiated a Cryptocurrency trading system for the benefit of the institutional investors. Now, the exchange has introduced its mobile trading application and is considered as the secure and best crypto trading platform for the mainstream.

What makes Gemini exchange unique?

It is a fully-licensed exchange provides its services across the nations like Australia, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom etc. The sign-up process of the exchange is fast and has low fee structure. It has strong secure exchange support along with the feature of multi-currency wallet. It is built with strong institutional features along with custody services. It allows trading of coins like Ethereum ,Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Gemini Dollar, DGD. To deal with queries related to Gemini exchange, users can have conversation with the team of skilled experts via calling on Gemini helpline number which is functional all the time for guidance. You can talk to the team for availing quality results and get stepwise assistance from the team in no time.

Working process of the Gemini exchange

The exchange is a centralized Cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading to both beginners and advanced traders. It has an user-friendly interface which is developed for an experienced trader. You can either sell or buy Ethereum and other coins which are available on this platform for trading. Prior to start trading on the platform, users can do practice on Gemini sandbox. You can easily sign up on the exchange with supporting features like email and sms verification.

Is Gemini Safe for trading?

We all know that when it comes to the best security in the crypto industry, Gemini wins the race by massive points. Gemini is considered as the battle between centralized and decentralized crypto storage database. It is one of those crypto exchanges that serve the best institutional level of custody services for the crypto assets. In the exchange, majority of the assets are kept in offline mode in a cold wallet for the purpose of safety.

This exchange keeps private keys in a cold storage location along with government-level security standards. The feature like two-factor authentication makes very difficult for hackers to get access to assets. It is considered as the first exchange that allows pass SOC2 security standards.  FDIC insurance keeps all the funds of depositors. Whenever you are occupied with errors like password issues, sign up issues and not working. Users can always ask for helping hand from the team who is there to guide you. You can call on Gemini support phone number which is functional all the time for support and provide guidance. Reach them when you want to erase all the issues associated with the account.