The Nifty Gateway 2.0 complete revamp has been done on March 17, 2020, many of those who don’t know about Nifty, it is a USD-based exchange designed for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  This platform has been purchased by the Winklevoss twins who run a popular crypto exchange firm called Gemini in November 2019 and considered itself as the first and leading US dollar-based centralised exchange for NFTs.  On this platform, U.S. users are able to withdraw fiat currency and is planning to introduce fiat withdrawal for international users on-board immediately. Talking about other services, they are available to International users as well.

Nifty to take cautious approach to new NFT listings                                                                

Users can list NFTS on the Nifty marketplace, the platform comes with a statement that it is going to be slow and international regarding tokens which it is going to support – users can deposit NFTs from other projects and put it on sale, but for the time period, the company will be slow and intentional regarding which NFT projects it is going to support in a bid to handle the volume and deal with any fraudulent issues that are going to enter. Users can sign up and able to start trade NFTs with the support of an email address. Call on Gemini customer support number which is applicable all the time. Connect with the team whenever you are around and avail quality results which are easy to execute.

Partnership with celebrities to provide tokenized collectibles

Nifty said that it is going to craft and provide tokenized collectibles in partnership with celebrities in the coming months. The company is going to introduce a new NFTs once in every three months. The first collectible is going to be a product of collaboration between female mixed martial arts pioneer Cris Cyborg and photographer Lyle Owerko.

Collaboration of NFT platforms with sporting industry

Many sporting companies and athletes will drive new forms of audience engagement with announcing partnerships with blockchain firms to publication of tokenized collectibles in the coming months. Cointelegraph also mentioned that blockchain-based fantasy soccer game Sorare had a licensing deal with Italian soccer team S.S. Lazio. The partnership is going to witness Sorare creating tokenized player cards of Lazio’s athletes which can be used in weekly fantasy tournaments or traded on secondary markets. In February month also, Cryptokitties creators Dapper Labs is going to announce its partnership with the UFC to design tokenized representations of fighters used for trading within a game.

About Gemini

This US-based exchange was established in 2015  has its services in developed countries like Australia, United States, Singapore etc.  This platform doesn’t allow deposits and withdrawals and have three currency pairs for trading .For availing more information about Gemini and its releases, you can always have conversation with the team of elite experts via calling on Gemini support number which is functional and the team is ready to assist at every step. You can connect with the team anytime for the perfect remedies.