Gemini exchange has quickly become one of the most searched and active U.S based cryptocurrency exchange. Gemini exchange account is a licensed digital asset exchange where you can buy, sell as well store both bitcoin and ether in a secure and ordered manner. It’s an advanced exchange platform for the traders wherein you can play in cryptocurrencies. Signing up with Gemini is also easy and involves 2-Factor authentication, making it reliable and secure.

Tips to secure your Gemini account are as follows:

1 –Cold storage

The cold storage system provides offline storage for an improved security system. Under this, all the cold and crypto private keys are generated, stored and managed well. The multi-signature technology is also used to provide security against malware attacks and tolerance for losing access to a key, eliminating failure. Under the cold storage system, all fund transfers require the coordination of multiple employees so that a tight security remains maintained. Also, the hardware is sourced from diverse manufactures to guard against supply-chain risks.

2- Use 2-Factor Authentication

2-factor Authentication protects your account and the information inside from losing. It is a high leveled security system, which is a must for every digital exchange platform. It prevents fraudulent acts and your account remains safe. It’s an extra layer of security, with standard security procedures only requiring a simple username and password.

3 –Never disclose where you trade

You have an account on Gemini you don’t need to tell anyone where you trade especially on social media platforms including twitter or facebook.

4 –Use a strong password

Use long strong passwords which are easy to memorize for you but on the other hand difficult for others. If you don’t want to store these passwords, just use an encrypted password like a Lastpass or store your passwords the old fashioned way as in writing.

5 –Enhanced protection

Use an Antivirus Software to prevent malware attacks on your system. Trading platforms like Gemini can easily get affected hence it is always liable to give an enhanced protection to your system. An Antivirus Software acts as a protective shield for all your online data.

6 –Don’t use real answers while setting up security questions

Make smart choices before setting up the security questions. The safest way is to pick security questions and give false answers to it. You should aim to make the choices really hard for people so as if anyone tries to answer it, fails therein. If you fail to protect your Gemini account or are confused on what to do, simply call the Gemini support phone number which is operational 24x7, resolving all type of queries of Gemini exchange.