The Winklevoss Brothers also titled as the Bitcoin Billionaire Brothers introduced Gemini to the world and today it has become one of the leading crypto exchange who never got hacked in its entire span. The twins’ brothers believe that FANG companies will be seen starting founding their own crypto projects in the coming two years and they are also considering to be the part of a Libra Association. To know more about Gemini exchange, you can always take help from the team of professionals who are active and always ready to fix your queries. Dial Gemini customer care number which is functional all the time and resolves all your worries immediately so that you can focus on your work rather than paying attention toward errors and technical glitches.

Talking about the relationship between the Twins brothers and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, it has always been the talk of the town as both the parties are not at good terms because of their previous grievances over whose idea was behind Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg or Twins Brother? But, it seems things are settling down between these two as recently they used the word “Frenemies” to describe their relationship with the Facebook CEO.

The principal reason to be the part of a Libra Association is that according to them Libra will be the first FANG companies to enter the crypto space in the next 24 months. Tyler, One of the twins’ brothers said that- It is the First of several FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) companies to make a token project happen. We predict that by coming the next 24 months, every FANG company will be seen having its coin or find working on some crypto project.

It would be an exciting and intriguing statement to be announced, but previously in 2018, there were rumors of Amazon, Google, and Facebook to create their own cryptocurrencies.  Such projects do take time and should be handled properly when coming from big corporations like Facebook, thus, it is not a matter of surprise that Libra project will take this much time to be seen on publicly known.

There was massive chaos in the past month related to Facebook’s new project Libra as many regulators have shown their concern over this project. US Lawmakers wants this project to be stopped as soon as possible and this project has already gained popularity before its perception and already been the talk of the town and even, gain attention from big names like Fintech.

It would be fun to see Gemini involvement in Libra project in coming future. If you are a Gemini user and looking for solutions to deal with errors ranging from password issues to login issues to sign up issues, you could always take help from the team of professionals who’re there to support you. All you have to do is dial Gemini support phone number which is always functional. You can be in touch with them anytime and avail accessible solutions.