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Gemini Customer Support Number  1-877-846-2817

Gemini trust company is a digital currency exchange that offers to buy and sell the Cryptocurrencies. The company was found in 2015 by Tyler and Cameron winkleyoss. Gemini was launched very recently; nevertheless it gained popularity and success soon. The company reached to a fine success rate comfortably than most of the competitors. The company is located in New York. In June 2016 the company became first licensed ether exchange. Gemini is one of the most trusted platforms for the digital assets exchange. The announcement of the launch happened in January 2014. In no time the company made a strong market position among the competitors. With the fast growth it grew on the customers and visitors, it gained trust of the users and made a worthy capital value. The company made to began operation in order to facilitate buying Bitcoins and storing safely in a protected site with a complicated system.

Security and fees

Talking about the security and services of Gemini the users often report of not getting their issues resolved by the company. The customers have complaints regarding the safety factor.

Customer services

The company, despite of the rapid growth has shown a low support towards the users. The users have problems regarding the safety issues. The customers are often reported in a situation where they are unable to use their accounts but the customer services


There are some significant features about Gemini that one should consider before investing in Cryptocurrency and using Gemini.

  • It is a Cryptocurrency exchange platform with wide set of variety of digital assets.
  • It is a biginner friendly platform.
  • The Gemini does not have a mobile app.
  • Bank transfer and wires are the options to sell and buy on Gemini.
  • It makes sense in Bitcoins and Ethereum.
  • The company holds great community trust.
  • Gemini provides fine customer services.
  • The fee on Gemini is very low.
  • The company holds fine security of users.

Safety of funds

The company has many steps to ensure the security of the user’s data and their funds. The company does not interfere in the personal database of the customer also it does not distribute private information about customers. The majority of the funds of users are kept safe in the cold storage. Company’s security department assures the security of the funds. In case a user is not using the account it keeps the digital currency safe.

Gemini Support Number 1-877-846-2817

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