The new national standards committee for blockchain technology was set up by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) who is the standards organization authorized by the State Council of China , with an effort to accelerate high-tech innovation in China.  As it was announced on Wednesday, the SAC also said that the technical committee is giving all its efforts and in an orderly manner in order to accelerate high-tech innovation which helps in promoting higher level of candidness and drove towards high-quality development.

They further said that such committees have been created by them encompassing numerous sectors that include sharing economy as well. With an aim to play the better role of standardization work and service economic development with the help of national professional standardization technical committees.

Blockchain sector is blooming

It’s been a decade when blockchain entered the Industry and now, it has overtake traditional methods and expanded its wings every where despite the sector. Be it health Industry, banking or airlines, it has rapidly left its impression everywhere , intriguing users to adopt this technology by providing transparency in the work. Big Multi-national companies like Walmart are also one of the new participants in it and has adopted blockchain technology for the betterment. To deal with Blockchain troubles and issues, you can speak to our experts for assistance. You can call on Blockchain helpdesk number which is easy to access and can bring fruitful results to fix your queries. Don’t waste your time and directly get in touch with the team to avail solutions in no time.

The SAC also investigated all standardization work in China as per the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This whole plan talks about China within the ISO, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and other international and regional standardization organizations.

It is also noticed that China is getting after this blockchain technology, after gaining the support from the president of China, Xi JinPing to the blockchain technology in October. Also, Government authorities in Shanghai with the association of China’s central bank and other banks, created a blockchain consortium to enhance trade finance operations. China, the developed nation is also ready to launch its national digital currency after five years of research and development. China who banned Cryptocurrency in 2016 is now accepting the crypto slowly and even started using this blockchain technology for the enhancement. It would be excited to know more news from China blockchain updates.

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