We all know that property issues have been controversial in India as if we look back behind; there are many land disputes in the country which are from colonial times. If we go in deep about this issue, the main cause behind this is the archaic legislation that includes the Registration Act 1908, allowing only presumptive ownership. It is proven that land registries in the globe are mostly in bad situation or mismanaged leading to the lack of security that has become an endemic source of insecurity among public. This whole thing has resulted in two-thirds of all civil cases in the nation are entirely from the property disputes.

Since the digital adoption has gained toehold in India, blockchain technology is witnessing support from state government in a bid to enhance efficiency of processing of government and build transparency. In regards with the property rights, Blockchain has become capable to eliminate the scope of counterfeit, fraud, tampering, along with the distribution of records. It also provides the facilities such as smart contracts that would do the transfer of land titles much accessible and well-organized.

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Mission of Digital India

At present, India, the developing nation is witnessing the digital change, with ‘Digital India’. Though, under the Digital India Records Modernization program (DILRMP) is working for reforms, the present land system is still fighting with deficiencies. The on-face challenges that include monumental time-gap in updating title changes, incomplete registration, illegal mutation, forgery etc. are still clear challenges in the real-estate domain. Besides this, the present land system has its fight with corruption, and has estimated over $700 million bribe price which are being paid at land registrars in India.

Indian State Governments looking for better governance process

We all know that e-governance along with digitization of governmental records takes a time and even, considered as a slow process in India . Indian government has now realized the fact that the power of digital has brought a leap in transparency and security with the adopting blockchain systems. Also, adopting the digitization for land records which is based on distributed-ledger technology has begun with a great start. Government of states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, etc.  are looking to start the process of blockchain systems to walk in for the better land governance, which is the adoption of blockchain technology which will not only bring accountability, crystal clear  and protective property rights for its citizens , but also will help in meeting the mission of Digital India. Talk to the team via Blockchain support phone number which is all the time working and ready to listen to your queries.