Blockchain is the world’s leading software platform for digital assets.

Millions of users now use digital assets to carry forward their businesses. A blockchain is indeed a digitized public ledger of all the cryptocurrencies.
It has become an essential part of various commercial applications today. It is used, to verify the transactions. It is the most popular currency wallet today.

The blockchain has entire information about different user addresses with their balances remaining in the account. It is often a cryptocurrency wallet storing bitcoin and Ether. This blockchain wallet is used by over 15 million people across the world. Its user-friendly, secure and a flexible digital wallet.

Blockchain is a technological innovation of bitcoin. The successful transactions are publicly recorded into blocks in blockchain where it gets verified and relayed by other bitcoin users. The data in blockchain is shared by all the nodes participating in the system.

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Advantages of using Blockchain:

1 -It offers advanced security features including 2-Factor Authentication 2 -Easily see the balance in your local currency 3 -Easy-to-use interface 4 -It automatically generates new wallet address after every digital transaction which is one of its security measures. 5 -By scanning a QR code, you can connect your mobile phone too. 6 -Can also directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the wallet.
Note: Visit blockchain.info and sign up for a free wallet.

How to make payments with the Blockchain Wallet?

Making payments with your blockchain wallet is easy. Follow the steps below:

1 -Click on ‘send’ given on the dashboard 2-Select your desired currency 3 -Enter the wallet address of the recipient. 4 -Enter the amount you wish to pay 5 -To provide more details about the payment, give a short description to it in the description box. 6 -Enter all the details including your rate for the transaction. 7 -Click on ‘continue’ and confirm your transaction.

Adding currency in your Blockchain Wallet:

1 -Create an account first before starting the process of adding the currency. For creating an account, visit blockchain.info and sign up for free 2 -Enter your email address and generate a password. Follow the steps to activate your account. 3 -After logging in, click on ‘request’ 4 -Select your choice of currency to add. 5 -You can now see your generated wallet address. 6 -Make sure to send a specific currency to that currency’s address only. sending the currency to the wrong address might result in loss of your funds. 7 -You can also transfer the bitcoin or ether from another wallet to your blockchain wallet.

Blockchain Customer Service:

It provides an easy-to-reach customer support to all the blockchain wallet users who need help with it when in problem.

With 100% customer satisfaction, the experts involved in resolving the issues, work 24x7 through a Support Number. You can use this Customer Care Number to resolve any type of queries with blockchain.

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