We know, crypto trading is banned in China and is still going firmly in that nation, but still, the interest of people out there in blockchains and Cryptocurrency related things is high in the Middle Kingdom. Binance which is the leading exchange in the world by trading volume was initially established in China only, but later on, because of banning of crypto trading of financial firms, they shifted their office from China to Japan. Talking about the Cryptocurrency scenario in China, One of the tourists and tour operators, Pex Xinhua will be seen in the future opening and obtaining Blockchain-powered invoices for users who do online and mobile payments to keep records accurate.

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This news stated that now buyers can apply for Blockchain-powered invoices through smartphones and able to receive the new voices in the inbox of their email IDs in 48 hours. The project operators gave a sneak peek about the Blockchain technology and said that they will be using to make tamper with invoice information which significantly reduces or should we say save the costs of printing traditional paper invoices for the tourist attractions in their state.  Talking about the different part of the nation, Jiangsu Province police has arrested around 13 people for stealing a huge amount of USD2.8 million of electricity from a power plant with the means of using energy to boost a massive Bitcoin mining scheme. The arrested group is accused of doing this business for over two years- from May 2017 to May 2019.

Prosecutors mentioned that the group rented the office space at 10 factories outside the Zhejiang City and use the power of factories they were occupying and diverting power from a large office nearby in a bid to throw electricity authorities off the cologne. Even, this point is also noted that the usage of electricity was in unusual patterns and tipped off the police leading to closing the team. We know Blockchain technology is full of complexities and finding an error in it is quite normal. So, you need not worry at all as whenever you are in need, you can dial Blockchain phone number which is functional all the time for help and assistance. Contact the team anytime and get solutions related to error which is easy to understand and you can avail solutions anytime. The skilled team is always functional and approachable so contacting them is easy rather than asking and looking on search engines for solutions and remedies in no time.