Digital Assets:

Things that come in a binary format and have the purpose to use. These are non-tangible assets. Some files can be stored on local storage and cloud-based storage networks.

Digital assets offer a value, this value can vary depending on the type of digital assets example photos that seems impossible to recreate, videos are once for the lifetime, vouchers, cryptocurrency that offer e-cash, bitcoins and more.

Cryptocurrency is the digital assets most of the people are investing in it. This asset is designed to work as the medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography and secure financial transaction and verification of transaction assets. These currencies make the use of decentralize control managing at your own risk and opposed to centralized control.

Bitcoin: open-source software system came into existence in 2009, called first decentralized cryptocurrency. Also called “ digital gold “.

The worth of this cryptocurrency is worth USD 9 billion. To get more information related to blockchain technology can dial  Blockchain phone number .

There are many ways of earning cryptocurrency like: 

Affiliate marketing, mining, trading, staking, master nodes and more. To perform this transaction, it is required that the platform should be a highly secured system that supports while dealing with it.

As security is the primary concern for the cryptocurrency exchange, the person named Satoshi Nakamoto started working in the direction to create a secure platform for cryptocurrency exchange named Blockchain.

Security is the way how the transaction data is stored. Therefore, data is stored in the form of blocks, chain and it keeps on adding the previous blocks and keep the track. It is important to note that the data stored is in the form of a decentralized way. This makes the data modification difficult.

Steps how the Transactions takes placed in blocks stored in 


Step 1: As the user initiates the transaction

Step 2: The information gets scattered around all the computers in the network (Decentralize storage of information).

Step 3: These computers or network validates the transaction using algorithms. The information on the transaction is stored in the form of blocks.

Step 4: After validation, Block is added to the chain already existing in the block.

Step 5: After adding the chain to the block, there can be no modification or any alteration possible in the block.Transaction is completed

How the data is stored in the blockchain 

When there is a transaction occurred, the data is recorded.

  • The data so recorded is combined with a timestamp and cryptographic hash of the previous block.
  • This signifies a set of information in a block.
  • The security ensures that changing information in one block will require updating in all previous and subsequent blocks.
  • Data stored in a decentralized location (number of computers connected to peer to peer networks have the same info) As changing the information in one system detects an error as the info should be identical in a connected system.

If there is any issue associated with performing the transaction in the blockchain: 

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