Binance exchange has gained popularity on the global level and you might give credit to its exclusive features such as low fees, numerous coins, and tight security. In it’s less than 5 years of span, the exchange has managed to record second-highest daily trading volume in the world as per the Cointelegraph data and report. 

But it is also true that Binance user’s face error and has certain drawbacks and withdrawal errors are quite common error faced by users on regular basis. If talking about the exchange withdrawal limit, the daily Binance withdrawal limit is 2 BTC but the users with verified accounts can withdraw 100 BTC a day. Though Binance verification process is easy but it might take a few days. You are requested to give your personal information including address. Users who are new to this exchange and don’t know the basic steps to withdraw from the Binance exchange. 

Steps to withdraw from Binance exchange

Here we have accumulated steps that need to be followed to withdraw funds from the Binance exchange account:

  1. In the beginning, at the top of the page, you have to go for Funds and click on Withdrawal option. 
  2. You need to have Binance two-factor authentication installed in your account, if you don’t have this feature integrated in your application, Binance will not allow to move further and execute steps. 
  3. Now, you have to click on ‘Select Withdrawal Coin’ and choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. You should keep this thing in your mind that you have to enter the currency code such as BTC or ETH. 
  4. Once above-mentioned steps are done, you have to enter the wallet address where you want to send your coins to. You are requested to use the correct address as minor mistake can lead you to a major loss. The best way is to copy and paste the address you want to withdraw to. 
  5. Now, just enter the number of coins you would like to withdraw and click on the orange Submit. Though Binance withdrawals are instant and would not take your time over 30 minutes to reach the destination wallet. In case, if the network is busy, it might let you wait a little longer. 

Binance withdrawal issues

The Binance withdrawal execution process is quite simple. But, there are users who face issues either they have enter the wrong address or have Binance connection server error. Check out the points to avoid such issues :

  1. In order to avoid such issues, you make sure that you are executing the right process starting from selecting the cryptocurrency. 
  2. The second point is that you should enter the correct wallet address where you want to send coins. In case, you enter the wrong address, chances are there that you might lose your coins. 
  3. Usually withdrawal takes place in 30 minutes, if it takes longer, you need not to get panic. Sometimes because of network, Binance withdrawal issue occurs.