Binance the second largest leading exchange as per the daily trading volume has recently added payment support for 15 fiat currencies to attract local markets. This Malta-based crytpocurrency exchange made an announcement on Friday that users now will be able to purchase crytpocurrencies through a new list of supported fiat currencies through its incorporation with Israeli fiat payments processor Simplex.

With this new integration, there will be a pathway for currencies such as the Swiss Franc, Korean won and Australian dollar along with the Polish zloty and South African rand. Simplex is also going to support currencies such as pound sterling and Russian ruble which are already available through fiat Binance’s fiat-to-crypto trading facility. Developers already confirmed that the integration was completely operational by Thursday afternoon. To know more about the exchange, you can always call on Binance helpline number which is always functional and the team is ready to assist you.

Now, these supported fiat currencies are going to be paired up with the exchange’s base crytpocurrencies which are the assets the exchange uses for its default trading pairs. At present, it includes bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), XRP (XRP) along with a few selected fiat currencies that include the US dollar and the Nigerian naira.

Binance’s monthly average daily volume is $3.55 billion

CoinDesk collected the data and suggested that fiat volume is only going to create a little amount of the exchange’s trading activity.  Talking about the total collected data, the monthly average daily volume is around $3.55 billion, where only $3.5 million is in fiat.  Going on in deep about this matter, the majority of the volume has been in US dollars from the time when the pathway for the currency opened. The exchange folds a few of its supported currencies into US dollars, but it still not sure that if end users are completely behind all of Binance’s dollar volume.

Simplex at first did the partnership with Binance in January 2019 that allow users to purchase crytpocurrencies along with credit and debit card payments denominated in euros, US and Canadian dollars and Japanese yen. Since Simplex charges a 3 percent fee along with addition of a $10 flat fee for any purchases below $200 which is designed to be cheaper than making a payment from a bank or card provider that levy extra three percent FX fee on top of any other fees charged for a fiat-crypt swap. You can contact the team anytime to avail solutions related to queries via calling on Binance customer care number which is functional all the time.

To encourage users to trade in their local currency could possibly enhance the global appeal of the exchange. Talking of October month, Changpeng Zhao also called CZ said that the company had integrated Russian rubles into the platform just after describing the nation as the leading key markets.Also on Thursday, the exchange told that it also had hired a former Uber product lead to start creating a range of services specific to local markets.