Binance, the leading exchange in the crypto environment has come up with new program to make trading experience better for users. The exchange recently announced the Futures Market Maker Program to escalate the high-volume activity and provides excellent better trading opportunities for all the traders and investors. The exchange seems delighted and is really looking forward to the change by the program. Binance is popular for its trading features and every user wants to be the part of the exchange and it holds the record of highest daily trading volume.

Who can join this program?

As per the exchange, if a user wants to experience the better level of market maker strategies and has gone beyond monthly trading volume to 1,000 BTC on the platform are invited to join the program. Users who are interested and want to join the program , if he holds the similar volumes on other exchanges.

For instant support to deal with Binance errors and troubles, you can always take help from the skilled professionals who are there to assist you. You can call on Binance Customer Care number which is functional all the time. The team is always around you and helps you in dealing with the errors that occur in your account. Connecting with the team is the right step as you get instant solution related to queries in no time.

What is the duration of this program?

This program is going to be active till the end of 2019, the specific date has been revealed which is December 30, and is limited to Binance Futures BTC/USDT  perpetual contract. The market makers are going to gain a score based on the volume and a bunch of requirements which are to be mer. In the span of every two weeks, the market makers are going to be ranked and will be provided with a bonus of 100,000 UDT which is going to be shared among the other market makers with top ranking.

The score is going to be calculated on a few factors like time duration of the order, what is the size of the order, how much time will be required for market-making, what are the volumes of the maker, and Bit/offer spread. It would be easily to apply in this program through the means of emailing the profile and proof  of market-making volumes to the email ID of the company or can directly contact with the Key Account Manager.

What advantage this program holds?

The other advantages that a user going to get from this program is that fees is not going to be applicable for the market makers, high limits of API, also a divide a bonus pool of 400,000 USDT, and low latency connectivity and other support services. For availing more information about Binance exchange, you can call on Binance support phone number which is functional all the time. Users get the benefit of discussing their queries directly with the team members who have the knowledge about the Binance Industry and can look after all the issues in no time. Wherever you are , call the team for availing results.