Binance the second-largest exchange as per the daily trading volume across the world has recently added the Binance Coin/Ether (BNB/ETH) trading pair to its decentralized exchange called DEX as per the company announcement which was made on Decemebr 24, 2019. Binance exchange and wallet is popular in the cryptomarket with a market captialization in billions. This massive revenue was generated in such a short span making it the most progressive exchange of a decade. It was introduced in year 2017 in China but later on it shifted its headquarters to Japan.

The new launch in this week by Binance CEO CZ

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who is also known as CZ in the crypto Industry did a listing which is followed by an initial proposal which is posted on the Binance community website which was released a week ago. Tokens by ETH BEP2 will be released on Binance chain, and backed 1:1 by ETH assets which were held in a publicly disclosed reserveaddress. The exchange is going to support conversion between native ETH and the Binance chain which is equivalent through deposits and withdrawals. This thing will serve an option for Binance DEX users for the purpose to trade ETH on the decentralized platform. In the recent time, the new project asset page going to introduce on Binance DEX explorer. For more information related to Binance and its common issues, you can call on Binance customer care number which is functional all the time for guidance. You can contact with the team for availing quality results and remedies. You can always talk to them over email, phone or chat.

Binance is more centralized than ETH

Recently Cointelegraph talked about the Twitter discussion related to Binance DEX that involved co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. Buterin when asked about accusations of centralization, he defended Ethereum and mentioned that Binance’s DEX should be the direct target for suhc attacks and said that Binance DEX is no where equal to decentralization. Also, to defend Ethereum, he mentioned that Ethereum has merely a few governance values which are not liked by BTC people.

Binance – the second largest cryptocurrency

Incepted in 2017, Binance surely was popualr in this decade and all set to welcome new decade with endless new opportunities coming its way for the traders. Binance is soon going to launch its Venus project which will directly give a tough competition to facebook’s Libra proect. Isn’t it a strange that both these names are based on planet and zodiac sign.  Binance sign-up process involves a little time if you want to verify your account.

Unverified Binance accounts can go for 2BTC a day and at the same time, verified account holders can go for 100 BTC a day. If you want to know the process of Binance verification and looking for easy solutions, you can call on Binance customer service number which is functional all the time for support. You can reach the team to avail quality results and get all solutions in nick of time.