Binance, the leading exchange in the world is known for its high-end and advanced features and in the span of three years, the exchange has achieved the special benchmark of being the best Cryptocurrency in the world. There’s news that making a round these days is the partnership of Binance with the Swiss organization Amun AG to introduce a new product traded on the exchange: ABNB. As per the exchange, traders have started their operations.

To create a BNB Coin-based ETP Product

Binance along with Amun AG has recently introduced a collaboration to design a BNB coin-based ETP product. Therefore, the token was called ABNB. There are a few observations that have been observed by the authors of the product that the trades start today on the Six Swiss exchange.  Customers of Binance get into trouble while using the exchange for trading purpose, errors like sign in, log in issues, password issues, etc, and it’s not everyone’s task to face all these errors. To give away the entire burden to experts, you can talk to the team of elite experts anytime to contact you.  To talk to the experts, you can call on Binance Support Phone Number which is functional all the time.  It’s time to speak to the experts anytime to avail fruitful solutions. They are just one call away from you, therefore, contact them to deal with your queries at one time.

To convert the mass transfer to crypto assets

The founders of startup noticed that the exchange product aims at converting the mass transfer to crypto assets. ABNB is a hot-selling and interesting topic to not only to the Cryptocurrency experts but also to the whole market in general. This whole thing is what believed by the director of Binance, Changpeng Zhao. The CEO of Binance named Changpeng Zhao, also called CZ in the industry. He started Binance in the year 2017 in China but just after inception, the company had to shift because of the crypto ban in China by the central government but after so long, the exchange is planning to invest in crypto despite the ban.

The manager of platform noted that customers would be able to add BNB to the stock portfolios. CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, compared the whole process to buy a stake in a company through a bank. After this column, the price of BNB token has been increased by 2.71%. Binance is also ready to introduce its new project Venus in coming year and also, the exchange has started accepting fiat currencies through Alipay and WeChat. To be updated about latest news and information about the exchange, you can always talk to the team who is there to guide you. You just have to call on Binance Support Number which is always at your service to guide you. You can contact the team anytime to get fruitful solution which are easy to execute  and users can have conversation with the team anytime and avail solutions. The team is always there to support you.