AE Ventures also called Aeternity Ventures runs a blockchain fund that has funded over 15 startups in two years under the leadership of its CEO Nikola Stojanow. The company has designed Aeternity Blockchain which happens to be a scalable smart contract platform structured to address major challenges native to many blockchains.

In 2016, the Aeternity Blockchain was launched by YanislavMalahov and he created Aeternity as a blockchain solution for the scalability issue that is dominant in this technology and ahead of the Bitcoin and Etherum based blockchains. It has features such as power games, payments, identity, decentralized finance, registries, token economies, and supply chains.

History of Nikola and how he joined the Blockchain fund association

Nikola who is the CEO of AE Ventures has joined Aeternity in 2016 and was working for a pharmaceutical corporation when he got to know about the blockchain technology’s potential. Graduate in Law, Nikola started a corporate business development and lead to a CEO of a global fund because of the ability to learn new technologies and their impact on society. The AE platform offers many advantages compared to the present blockchain protocol but at the main, the company aims at permitting developers and entrepreneurs working on decentralized tech solutions.

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Questions and Answers with the CEO of AE Ventures

The question arises why the need for Blockchain when everyone is heading towards AI? The CEO of AE Ventures said that it is a subjective question as all developing technologies have its set of promises. Blockchain works at another layer to AI but both have its own set of use cases. Talking about AI, it is veteran and more matured than blockchain, but both have numerous opportunities. He further added that the Founder of AE Venture is the pioneer in this space and has worked with VitalikButerin before the launch of Etherum.

The next question for him was his vision to see AI and blockchain converging? He replied that there are numerous cases where Blockchain and AI do converge and the former’s consensus mechanism is going to be useful in auditing AI-based decision making. Then there comes decentralization that creates far-reaching and more scalable monetization models on insights collected from distributed data. Also, Blockchains are immutable and thus serve excellent security solutions and ensure data integrity for AI applications.

The Aternity Blockchain was created with a vision of boosting decentralization and the platform offers several advantages and the funds provided by them , according to him is a special purpose vehicle that invests in early-stage projects. The AE Ventures is planning to create structured funds in the future but this whole thing is going to take some time and the focus at this stage is to start projects to build on Aeternity blockchain.